Jewelry Repair

H&A Jewelry Repair

You expect your jewelry to last a lifetime, and to be able to pass it on to the next generation. As you might expect, this requires proper care and occasional maintenance. Our jewelers can take care of your fine jewelry!

H&A professional jewelers

H&A Jewelry Repair Professionals

Whether it’s resizing a ring, re-tipping or replacing prongs, taking a gem out of one setting and placing into another, or just cleaning and polishing, you’ve come to the right place! Let our professional jewelers bring your jewelry back to life!


Restore your prized jewelry

Do you have a broken necklace or bracelet? Don’t let it sit in a drawer! Bring it in!

Is your pearl strand getting stretched out or is it broken? Have your pearls restrung!

Does your white gold need to be re-plated? We do that, too!

If you have any questions concerning H&A and jewelry repair please give us a call at 770-396-3456, or request more information by visiting our contact page. And as always you’re welcome to stop by our showroom at your convenience.